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Rotary Youth Exchange
A year of study overseas as a Rotary Youth Exchange student gives you -
 an opportunity to develop your personal self confidence and maturity
 an opportunity to develop a lifetime of international friendships
 an opportunity to develop a real understanding of many different cultures
 an opportunity to develop new language skills
 an opportunity to develop a base for future education and career goals
 an opportunity to develop in many ways
Rotary Youth Exchange - an opportunity of a lifetime
One former exchange student said:
My youth exchange year was one of incredible change and growth for me. In addition to see so much of the rest of the world, and making such wonderful friends, I changed in ways I never knew were possible. I am more confident and positive when meeting new people. I have greater ability to empathize with others and to put myself in their place when making judgments. I have greater willingness to take on roles and tasks to which I am unaccustomed. I have more ability to see myself objectively, in a more realistic context. I understand more fully my own strengths and weaknesses. I am more tolerant of ambiguous situations and more open to differing interpretations of them. I feel greater respect and appreciation for my family. And most of all, I feel more surely that common bonds unite all human beings. Thank you, Rotary for the best year of my life.
Rotary Youth Exchange - an opportunity of a lifetime
Follow the menu above to see if you qualify and to find out more about the application process. You are encouraged to make further inquiries at any time of the year.
The closing date of applications for Rotary Youth Exchange is usually around the period of March-April of the year prior to departure. Always check this with your local Rotary district.

For more information on New generations programmes see the  Youth Information Booklet

Are you Interested in being a Youth Exchange Student?
Contact your local Rotary Club now!

For details of your local club or for more information contact Youth Exchange Committee Secretary Graeme Cox.

Outbound student application form (Coming)
Link to District 9780 Rotary Youth Exchange Website
Link to the Australian Rotary Youth Exchange Website.

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