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For many years the Rotary Club of Ballarat South and the Rotary Club of Quincy (Northern California USA)  have carried out an eight week shot term  exchange  program. The exchange is aimed at year 10/11 students .The Australian students leave for Quincy late November and return late January. The Quincy students return July /August the following year. It can be seen that that the majority of the exchange happens over the summer break of the two school systems. However the outgoing student for each country will be attending school in either Ballarat or Quincy during their exchange.


Questions often asked

Where can I get an aplication form?


How long has the exchange program been running and does it have full Rotary backing?
This program has been run by Rotary Club of Ballarat South  for 25 years and has full Rotary backing.

What is the period of the exchange?
This is a short term exchange unlike the usual 12 months.
The successful applicants would leave for Quincy about 20 November for 8 weeks.

What is the eligible age group and is it a prerequisite to live in Ballarat or go to school in Ballarat?
The age range is 15-17 and it is preferred that the students live in Ballarat region.

Where is Quincy?
Quincy is located 4 hours North East of San Francisco in the Sierra mountains, California. It has a Rotary Club.

What can I do at Quincy?
As the exchange is in their winter the activities are winter based e.g. Skiing.

Is there a selection process?
Yes, interviews are conducted by members of the Rotary Club of Ballarat South in approximately mid August with selection late August.

Will we need to arrange travel insurance?
This is covered by Rotary insurance.

What are the costs that I will be responsible for?
Return air fares to Quincy plus pocket money. Some pocket money is provided by the Quincy Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club of Ballarat South will provide $500 to the host family for the return exchange.

Are there any obligations I need to know about?
You will be required to attend a Rotary meeting before leaving for Quincy where you will be presented with a Jacket and you will be invited to speak to the members on your return.
You are also required to host an American student the following year from 20 June for 8 weeks.

Is there a contact person or counsellor who looks after my child’s interests?
Yes In both Ballarat and Quincy

Is attending school for the whole 8 weeks compulsory?

How is the school selected that my son/daughter will be attending?
Only one high school in Quincy.

What happens if they get home sick and want to return to Australia early?
Encouraged to discuss with counsellor to continue the exchange

What does the Rotary Club of Ballarat South provide?
Hosting in Quincy

$500 to the Australian return host family and some pocket money for the returning Quincy student
Full information on the exchange

So what do I need to do now if I want to be considered for this exchange?
You need to make contact with one of the nominated Quincy representatives detailed in the advertisement and complete this application.
The student and family will be invited to an interview during Augus/September.
By the end of September a decision will be made and the successful students and family will be invited to our Rotary meeting.
The club has a limit of 2 students to participate in this program.

For further details please do not hesitate to call one of the following Rotarians

Helen Newall 0419 510 488

Bruce McIntosh   0407 560 313

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