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Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC) is an intensive and fun filled week-long program to help prepare young adults for full participation as citizens of Australia.

Each year around 45 Year 11 students (the delegates) are sent by their local Rotary clubs to Canberra. They are taken out of their comfort zones into new places, set amongst new faces and asked to do new things.

For a week, RAIC puts the delegates "inside" Canberra.

Run in partnership with the Parliamentary Education Office, the delegates spend a lot of time inside Parliament House in areas not usually open to the public. They often have morning tea with the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

They view Question Time and are debriefed by a journalist from the Press Gallery.

They learn the difference between a Bill and an Act. They participate in mock Parliamentary debates themselves.

They experience the national institutions (War Memorial, Institute of Sport etc) in a way that is more revealing than the usual school excursion can provide.

And most importantly, they meet and make friends with young people from all over Australia. Delegates from previous years have said this is one of the highlights of the RAIC program.

For more information on New generations programmes see the Youth Information Booklet

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