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Community Raffle

Community Assistance Raffle

This raffle has been one of RCBS' most successful projects over the years and allows the club to leverage some of the funds generated at the Ballarat (aka Trash and Trivia) market to enable small not for profit organisations to earn significant funds by the sale of raffle.

The Rotary Club’s Community Assistance Raffle is designed to give small not-for-profit clubs and community groups the opportunity to fundraise.    Clubs will make application for tickets and for every $2.00 ticket sold they get to keep $1.60 (80%).   The remaining 40 cents is returned to the Rotary Club to help offset the costs of the prizes which exceed $55,000.    Over the years the Rotary Club has subsidised the prizes to the extent of about $25,000.   The raffle has been conducted for many years and has raised over $2 million for community groups. The club undertakes all licencing, printing and administration and tickets.  The benefit to the organisations selling the tickets is that the prizes have considerable value, all licensing and organisation of the raffle is handled by the Rotary Club of Ballarat South and cars are available to be displayed at point of sale in Ballarat.  This allows many smaller organisations to access a raffle in scope that may be beyond their resources to organise.

Any not for profit organisation may apply for tickets, although the club reserves the right reject an application or to limit the number of tickets issued to any one group.

Applications for tickets should be made in August each year as tickets are issued in September for sale by the end of January. Application information can be found here.

The raffle draw is usually held at the Ballarat market in February.

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